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Our Simple Process

We made the process of making custom products super simple and easy! What you need is just an idea, our passionate and experienced design and production team will take the rest for you!

initial consultation stuffed animals


Initial Consultation

Engaging in a personalized consultation, we listen attentively to our customers' requirements and preferences for their custom plush toys. We encourage them to share their design concepts, ideas, and desired themes, laying the foundation for a unique creation.


Design Team Collaboration

Our dedicated team of experienced designers and creative experts collaborates closely with the customer. By understanding their vision and expectations, we ensure that the end result captures their imagination and exceeds their expectations.

stuffed animals team collaboration
Showcasing Creativity and Samples


Showcasing Creativity and Samples

To ignite inspiration, we showcase a selection of our past successful creative plush toy designs. Additionally, we provide samples, allowing customers to explore diverse design styles and provide valuable feedback.


Conceptualization and Sketching

Building upon customer inputs, our design team initiates the conceptualization process. We meticulously craft sketches and design drafts, presenting them to the customer for review and feedback.

stuffed plush toy Conceptualization and Sketching
stuffed Technical Feasibility Evaluation


Technical Feasibility Evaluation

Ensuring a seamless transformation from concept to reality, we conduct thorough evaluations of the design's technical feasibility. Material choices, manufacturing processes, and production costs are carefully considered and refined in collaboration with the customer.


Design Iteration and Modifications

We value customer satisfaction above all else. Our iterative process allows us to incorporate modifications and fine-tune the designs until they perfectly align with our customers' visions.

stuffed plush toys Design Iteration and Modifications
animals plush Intellectual Property Check


Intellectual Property Check

Respecting the importance of intellectual property, we diligently ensure that all design elements comply with relevant laws and guidelines, safeguarding the originality and legality of each creation.


Market Trends and Recommendations

Drawing from our insights into current market trends, design styles, and popular characters, we offer informed recommendations to align the designs with consumer preferences.

stuffed animals Market Trends and Recommendations
Final Design Approval with stuffed plush


Final Design Approval

Upon refinement and approval, the final design is given the green light for production, ensuring every detail meets our customers' expectations.

STEP 10:

Production Timeline and Delivery

To ensure seamless execution, we set a production timeline tailored to the approved design and customer requirements. Constant communication ensures our customers stay informed of production progress.

Quality Control and Delivery​

STEP 11:

Quality Control and Delivery

With unwavering commitment to quality, we implement rigorous quality control measures during production. Our promise is to deliver customized plush toys of unmatched craftsmanship, promptly and according to our customers' timelines.

Introducing TOYARD - Your Destination for Custom Electric Plush Toys

Are you on the lookout for a dependable and seasoned collaborator to bring your creative custom anime plush, custom plush toys, custom soft toys, and electric plush toy ideas to life? Search no further! TOYARD, with over two decades of plush toy manufacturing prowess and a specialized focus on designing and producing electric plush toys, invites you to embark on an unparalleled partnership, elevating your brand and captivating your clientele.

Why Choose TOYARD for Your Custom Plush Toys and Electric Plush Toys?

electric plush toy mastery

Electric Plush Toy Mastery:

With a rich 20-year legacy in the industry, TOYARD has honed the art of crafting alluring and interactive electric plush toys. Our technical finesse ensures seamless integration of electronic components, resulting in products that leave an indelible mark.

designing inovations

Designing Innovations:

Creativity is the soul of TOYARD. Our adept design team thrives on transforming your unique visions into reality, curating custom anime plush, custom plush toys, custom soft toys, and electric plush toy concepts that set new benchmarks in the market.

quality in every stitched

Quality in Every Stitch:

Your contentment is paramount to us. TOYARD instills unwavering quality control throughout the production journey, ensuring each custom plush toy and electric plush toy is crafted with utmost precision and adheres to stringent safety standards.

customization galore plush toys

Customization Galore:

We recognize the essence of branding and individuality. With TOYARD, embrace the liberty to design distinctive custom anime plush, custom plush toys, custom soft toys, and electric plush toys that embody your brand identity and resonate with your target audience.

electric plush toy mastery

Punctual Precision:

Time is of the essence, and TOYARD values your timelines dearly. Count on us to deliver your custom plush toys and electric plush toys promptly, without compromising on quality or craftsmanship.

embrace collaboration stuffed plush toy

Embrace Collaboration:

Your vision is our mission. At TOYARD, open communication and collaboration form the foundation of our work, ensuring we comprehend your requisites for custom anime plush, custom plush toys, custom soft toys, and electric plush toys at every stage of the project.

Partner with TOYARD Today

Embrace the synergy with TOYARD to materialize your bespoke custom anime plush, custom plush toys, custom soft toys, and electric plush toys. Together, let's forge an impressive product line that etches unforgettable impressions on your customers, setting your brand in a class of its own.

Connect with us now to explore the realm of possibilities and embark on this enthralling voyage of ingenuity and advancement. We await the opportunity to script your triumph story!


#01   20 Years experience and high cost efficiency

We have 20 years of experience in the toy industy, have a mature supply chain system and partners, which ensure us the relalizing lower production cosL. better quality nad higher production efficiency.

#02   Rapid production and timely delivery

We have two production base and hundreds of workers, using automatic production line combine with manual production. We also have emergency production ine and measure to make sure our supply is fast and timely.

#03 Professional design and development

We have a number of toy designers with more than 10 years of experienc, we pursure production innovation while ensuring design qualty and customer experience.

#04   Trusted worldwide

Gameplushies toys's products and customers are located in more than 20 countries around the world, and have won the trust and praise of custoers all over the world!

Our plush toy brand cooperation case
Our plush toy brand cooperation case