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We made the process of making functional custom plushies super simple and easy! What you need is just an idea, our passionate and experienced design and engineering team will take the rest for you! Below are some frequently asked questions about the production process for designing you own functional plush toy. However we’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. If you don’t see the answer here, please contact us for more information.

How are custom plushies made?

1. Starting with your idea or artwork. To create your special cuddly plush toy, we'll let you be the principal designer! Send us the artwork and the function you would like to add on the plushies. We also would love to know the specific details like size or preferring fabrics you'd like your plushies to have.

2. Start the functional development process. Our professional engineers and account manager will communicate your detailed request in details and get back to you with all the detailed information.

3. Looking for proper fabrics. According to the prototype, our makers will start looking for out-layer fabrics. As right colors and patterns matter a lot, determining them involves multiple confirmations.

4. Cutting & Sewing & Stuffing. Once fabrics are prepared, we'll cut them into our desired shapes, sew the parts together with carefully consideration of inner electronics modules and the design, and make them alive with soft white fillings!

5. Inspecting & Get your approval. Even a stuffed creation looks great, it hasn't been done before our inspection regarding safety and craft. If everything is right, we'll send a photo of this new friend to you. To make it closer to your desired effect, we also provide a round of free touch-up at this stage.

What is your minimum order?

Our minimum order for custom plush toys is only 1000 pieces. This is an industry standard. While it is definitely more economical to order 5,000 pieces or more, we understand for a new product sometimes it is best to start with a minimum number. However, if you are looking for a lower quantity to start, we are happy to support as well. It’s just the prices will be much higher!

How much does my idea cost to produce?

There are many choices that can affect the final price. Therefore, it is helpful if you have a budget in mind that we can use as a starting point. There are a few distinct factors that influence the price:

1. Quantity – In general, the more you order the less you pay per piece with a volume discount. This has to do with not only materials, but also the labor cost, testing and shipping involved to manufacture your custom plush toy.

2. Size – Common sizes that we use now are 30cm (10inch) for smaller stuffed toys and above for everything else. A bigger toy means more material. The greater the size adds to labor, materials, and shipping costs as well.

3. Quality - We can choose from many different qualities of plush and materials, which can greatly affect the price. We use materials that come from qualified manufacturers. The fillings are all 100% PP cotton. The shell for custom plushies is crystal super soft plush mostly.

4. Detail – similar to the differences in quality but from a manufacturing point of view.

5. We’d love to suggest you send us an email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Can I get a sample to show around to buyers?

Yes. We are very happy to help you make the custom plush samples.  Once all the details of your idea are conveyed we will design and manufacture a sample that you can show buyers. We charge the sample cost according to the design , pricing various from $500-$2000.

Can I have my company name or logo on my design custom plush?

Yes. We can personalize your custom plush in a variety of different ways, including printing or a direct embroidery on the plush toy itself. We can also provide your own hang tags, and personalizing your sewn in labels. All of these details will be discussed during the prototype stage.

How long does it take to get my design custom plushies in hand?

Approximately 90 days after the sample is approved. The typical steps and duration are:

• Sample Stage – approximately 10-15 days of the initial sample. ( It may have 1-2 weeks extra per round of revisions depending on the amount of detail requested to be changed.)

• Production Stage/Overseas Shipping – 30-35 days. This can vary due to production schedule, labor availability, ordering materials and testing.

• Delivery – 25-30 days via vessel and then 5-10 days local shipping.

What if I have special packing needs?

No problem! We can pack your animals in simple poly bags that are great for mail order and catalog sales or we can design a full color display box for retail store shelves. You simply provide us with the artwork and instructions and we produce them!

Do you have the capacity to keep up with my demand?

Definitely, we can keep up with your production needs. We have never had a customer's needs exceed our manufacturing capabilities. Our factory can produce more than 400,000 pieces per month for functional plush toy.

How much is shipping?

Your quote includes sea shipping freight and delivery to your door. There will be additional cost if requesting any additional product to be shipped via air. 

Will my design plush toy be safe?

Yes. We have been designing and manufacturing custom plush toys for over 15 years. All of our toys meet or exceed all required ASTM standards. We pride yourself on our 100% safety record, high level of customer service and our exceptional quality. We can always meet the testing standards for different international customers.

What about copyright and licensing issues?

When you place an order with us, you represent and warrant that you have the authority to order, purchase, and distribute our products with the names, trademarks, copyrights, logos, etc., specified on your order. If you have an idea that you would like to keep under wraps, we can provide a standard NDA you need one.

How do I protect my idea?

The first step to protecting your idea is signing an NDA (a Non Disclosure Agreement). This means that we cannot reproduce your product without your permission. We have built our company over the last 15 years on the fact that we only manufacture goods for you. We have no interest in stealing ideas. For peace of mind we have an NDA available for you.

Do you make anything else besides custom plush toys?

Yes. We make hundreds of different items including wholesale custom figurines/action figures/PVC toys, key chains, puzzles, golf head covers, bobble heads and more. Contact us for more details.

What do I need to do to get started?

Please email us with your requests and our professional sales manager will get in touch with you by call or email!! .

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