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Toyard can customize a variety of plush toys with different sound effects. We also support stuffed animals Wholesale and can provide voice boxes for stuffed animals and Sound boxes for stuffed animals to customers at the best price. We provide premium quality with the most competitive price for plush toy dealers, and our goal is to strive to become a manufacturer of plush toys with high quality.

Panda Heartbeat Stuffed Animal: Adorable Calming Companion
Embrace the delightful world of our heartbeat stuffed animals designed for puppies, heartbeats enthusiasts, and panda aficionados. Each plush creation embodies cuddly comfort fused with a soothing heartbeat, creating an irresistible experience for all. Whether it's the affectionate puppy-themed design, the calming heartbeat essence, or the endearing panda companionship you seek, our collection offers a perfect blend. These adorable plush toys not only captivate with their charm but also provide a calming presence through their comforting heartbeat feature. Dive into a world of cuddles and relaxation with our heartbeat stuffed animals, ensuring joy and warmth in every embrace.
Plush Dog Toy Collection: Heartbeat Comfort Included
Experience the delightful comfort of our stuffed dogs and puppies featuring a soothing heartbeat, designed to bring warmth and companionship. Our heartbeat-infused plush toys offer not just cuddly companionship but a calming presence for anyone seeking comfort. Whether it's the loyal stuffed dog or the adorable plush puppy, these toys are crafted with love, perfect for playtime, relaxation, and easing stress. Explore our collection and find the perfect cuddly companion among our range of heartwarming plush dog toys. Each toy ensures a delightful blend of cuddliness and comforting heartbeat, providing joy for all ages.
Charming Stuffed Otter: Personalized Otter Plush & Cuddly Comfort
Step into the enchanting world of our otter plush toys, where charm meets customization. Allow us to introduce our delightful collection of otter stuffed animals, showcasing irresistibly soft otter plush and customizable stuffed otters. Each otter, introduced with meticulous craftsmanship, becomes a companion tailored precisely to your desires. Whether it's the personalized allure of a custom stuffed otter or the comforting embrace of an otter plush, these endearing creatures effortlessly captivate otter enthusiasts of all ages. Perfect for heartfelt gifting or personal delight, these adorable otters, introduced through our collection, bring the playful essence of these beloved creatures right into your arms.
Soothing Stuffed Animal with Heartbeat: Lamb's Calming Embrace
Experience the tranquil comfort of our heartbeat plush toy collection, featuring delightful stuffed animals with soothing heartbeats, including the warmth of lamb companions. These cuddly treasures offer more than just softness—they embody the calming essence of a heartbeat, bringing relaxation and joy to both children and adults alike. Whether it's the gentle embrace of a lamb stuffed animal or the endearing heartbeat feature in our plush toys, each creation promises a blend of cuddly comfort and soothing rhythms. Explore our assortment and find the perfect heartbeat plush toy for a calming, delightful experience.
Infant Musical Stuffed Animals: Tiger Plush & Custom Tiger Delights
Embark on a musical journey with our collection of infant musical stuffed animals, where delightful melodies blend with the charm of tiger-themed plush toys, including custom tiger creations. These cuddly companions offer more than just softness—they enchant with melodies perfect for infants while showcasing the allure of tigers in plush form. Whether it's the calming tunes of our musical stuffed animals or the playful design of tiger plush, each creation is crafted to captivate young hearts. Dive into our collection and discover the harmonious blend of soothing melodies and adorable tiger-inspired designs in our custom plush toys.
Create Your Custom Plush Monkey: Singing, Stuffed, and Personalized Joy
Delve into the enchanting world of our singing stuffed monkeys, where charm meets customization. Our collection showcases delightful plush monkeys, featuring endearing singing capabilities and customizable options. Whether you seek a singing stuffed monkey or a custom-designed plush animal, our assortment offers an array of lovable options tailored to your desires. These cuddly companions, perfect for all ages, bring joy and warmth to every hug. Whether for gifting or personal delight, our singing stuffed monkeys embody the playful spirit of these beloved creatures, promising endless moments of cuddly happiness.